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A Bit About Me

If you were to look up a recipe to try to make a ‘Seryna’ it would look something like this:


one part creativity
one part experience
two parts passion
two parts integrity
one part hard work and tenacity
and a dash of self care and healthy boundaries

Blend well then sprinkle with self-love and giggles with just a splash of cojones.
Bake until well done. Pairs well with tea and cookies.

I’m a brand strategist who works with passionate entrepreneurs to craft big, beautiful brands, that feel authentically like them, that their clients fall in love with. I began my journey in the corporate world, working under some of the strictest brand guidelines on the market (think of a company that rhymes with Schmicrosoft), so I know how important consistency and aesthetic is, but also why it needs to feel like YOU… because branding should be FUN and FREEING, not stuffy and restrictive.

In all seriousness though, bring tea and cookies, and we’ll be total besties.

I used to call myself a client experience professional, but I think it goes beyond that. I thrive when I am in service, whether that is to my clients, a juicy project, to my community or to a Divine purpose. I’ve shared my skills to  a variety of industries including technology, alternative health care, telecommunications and transportation. I’m a creative individual who seeks projects that allow my talents in service and design to shine. I empower small businesses with the tools they need to have the same impactful marketing and dialogue with their customers as their big box competition, with limited resources and time. I believe in heart-felt, ick-free marketing and promotion that excites customers, builds loyal relationships and gets people excited to engage with your brand and share their passion with their networks.  I treat  the people I work with with care, diplomacy, openness and compassion. I listen, am attentive and if I’m unable to help, I find someone who is. These traits have allowed me to form close friendships with clients, colleagues and vendors, even years after the working relationship ends.

My studies have covered several areas: client experience marketing, design, brainwave optimization, aromatherapy and broadcast communications. Each of these comes back to one core value: service. I’ve been lucky to be able to diversify this into so many industries to keep my talents sharp and flexible. I’ve been fortunate to find opportunities for projects where the work I do feels worth doing. I only take on projects that are a fit: personality-wise (I have a zero a-holes policy), skill-wise (I need to have the chops for a project, or I’ll refer you to someone who does), and values-wise (I only take on projects I am willing to be aligned with). This is why each project, no matter how big or small, starts with a Compatibility Call.

In many ways my personal life mirrors my professional life. I’m a Global Ambassador for the Body Image Movement and host empowering women’s events retreats with my company Pampered Goddess. When I’m not working, I take long baths while sipping hot tea.

My (s)heroes include: Malala YousafzaiTaryn Brumfitt and Marie Forleo.

Official Bio

Seryna Myers is a brand strategist and speaker, who helps passionate entrepreneurs create big, beautiful brands their customers fall in love with. She believes that authenticity is the key to heart-centred business, and that marketing can be done with integrity. Seryna is a formerly burned-out business babe who advocates for self-care for entrepreneurs, and is a global ambassador for the Body Image Movement. Seryna makes her home in beautiful Vancouver, BC where she hosts a monthly women’s circle teaching empowerment and personal development.

Official Photos

You are welcome to use any of the photos below if you’re promoting me or my work. Please ensure you give photo credit to my wonderful photographer, Maggi Woo of www.maggiwoophotography.com